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On Sesame Street

In Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman cites Sesame Street as a main reason young people do not enjoy reading, AND why teachers are judged on their classroom performance as much as–if not more than–their Sesame Street does not encourage kids to love school or anything about school,” Postman says. “It encourages them to love television.”

I realized today, Read the rest of this entry

On Procrastination

Really too much to do to write today–I’ve logged a pretty extensive list of must-dos. A stack of writing projects to my right whispers …”We’ll still be here tomorrow…don’t worry about us…get outta that seat… the dishes are calling for you…and so are your kids…at least one of them…you probably shouldn’t let the other one sleep all day….Hey, did you blog yet today? That always gets you going! There is a sale at Kohl’s…Finish that writing for the softball team? Did you check your e-mail?…”Finish the Boosters materials that go out this week? The notice for the church bulletin? Don’t you have to finish the renewal letters for the advertisers who sponsor the booster club? Aren’t these supposed to be out Wednesday? Weren’t you working on that reply to PJ O’Rourke in your head yesterday? Shouldn’t you get that on paper right now? Didn’t you tell yourself you’d practice the Read the rest of this entry

Republic? Democracy? Aristocracy!

Some people label the United States of America a Democracy. Some–including I–find it necessary to correct this, countering that founding fathers formed the USA as a Republic, which is for lack of a better term, “representative democracy.”

What I’ve been hearing about many holding public, elected office demonstrates that the Republic has given way to a bastard form of Aristocracy.

Aristocracy in its purest form means “rule of the best,” usually through heredity. This doesn’t seem to fit, does it? After all, we elect our Mayor and our City Council, and our Congressional Representatives; they do not inherit… Read the rest of this entry

Where’s The Beef? We’re Sick of Pork!

I’m taking flak for my criticism of the contents of the House’s stimulus package, fielding comments like: “Which party inhereted a budget surplus and turned it into the largest deficit in US history? How soon we forget. ”

Let me get this straight….Republicans are responsible for a deficit when a bipartisan Congress voted for a costly war in Iraq, for whatever reason, and an Afghanistan occupation to combat the terrorist threat that was ignored by the Clinton administration?

Let’s put mention of parties aside…. Read the rest of this entry