The tree is sitting in its proper spot, the lights and all the decorations around the house are up. My son and husband and I spent some time over the last week crafting lots and lots of snowflakes that now decorate all of the windows. Ornaments go on the tree tonight after I run a couple of shopping errands, have dinner, and grade some papers.

I left the Nightmare Before Christmas tree, OSU tree, and my absolute favorite, the Star Wars- themed tree, in the attic–the ornaments are fragile (almost all the Star Wars ornaments are glass), and with a 13-month old stumbling around, I don’t want to risk losing even one.

I vow to make sure I have somewhere to put these special trees well out of reach next year. It isn’t the same without them…

Like the rest of America, we’re paring back on gifts this year. This will be far easier to bear than a change in the tradition of home decor. Tops on my list: David McCullough’s

    John Adams.

And our family Cheermeister competition, which I’ve written about in years past, is in full swing–the kids are currently arguing over what constitutes a qualifying act. The hubby wants to change the rules to dock points for un-Cheermeister-like behavior. Not quite the spirit of the competition!