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Media Insults

If you’ve read media critics Neil Postman, Marshall McLuhan, or Douglas Rushkoff, you are keenly aware of the transformation of the news media over time from an entity that reports news and/or investigates to an entity that creates it, or angles coverage to draw attention to itself as an entertainment medium.

For that matter, if you are over 40, you have likely witnessed that transformation, though you may have ignored it– or enjoyed it: The news was more boring in the old days!I find many of the less-than objective comments that analyze events in TV news insulting to our intelligence–I refer to general statements that commentators and reporters alike make that seem to just fill air space, and demonstrate some pseudoo-intelligence, but also serve to slant and angle the listener’s perceptions of the news…. Read the rest of this entry

It Takes A Long Time

I just finished some reading on Miles Davis, an the innovative jazz trumpeter/composer known for his “cool jazz” style.

The article discussed Davis’ creative obsession with an idea that a single note could convey all the beauty of music, and his quest to find that note and express it. Pretty impressive; but I was struck on another of Davis’ notions: He said,

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”

This is also the case with writers who need to write for a long time before they establish their voice. The more we write, the more we can convey our persona through our writing.