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Excuses, excuses…

Over the holiday weekend, I was asked “Where has Helen Wheales been? I thought you promised to write everyday once you were off for the summer?”

At least someone noticed.

Honestly, I’ve no excuse for not sharing my thoughts, only an explanation. First, turns out that I am not “off” this summer–I took on some work that screws up my writing schedule.

Second, Helen Wheales is no match for Bat Outta Hell, Cyclone, and Bull in a China Shop, who have kept me on the go this past month. I worked almost every day in June, and when I returned home, there were other things to be done…and baseball in the evenings. I played hostess for a graduation party and our annual Independence Day fete. Now things can slow down a bit…and I can spend some time at the keyboard.

That’s Me!

Today, my 10-year-old and I were in the opthamologist’s office where the optometrist was describing her young baby’s antics, “He was hell on wheels,” she said.  Logan said, “Hey, that’s you, Mom!

On Sesame Street

In Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman cites Sesame Street as a main reason young people do not enjoy reading, AND why teachers are judged on their classroom performance as much as–if not more than–their Sesame Street does not encourage kids to love school or anything about school,” Postman says. “It encourages them to love television.”

I realized today, Read the rest of this entry

On Procrastination

Really too much to do to write today–I’ve logged a pretty extensive list of must-dos. A stack of writing projects to my right whispers …”We’ll still be here tomorrow…don’t worry about us…get outta that seat… the dishes are calling for you…and so are your kids…at least one of them…you probably shouldn’t let the other one sleep all day….Hey, did you blog yet today? That always gets you going! There is a sale at Kohl’s…Finish that writing for the softball team? Did you check your e-mail?…”Finish the Boosters materials that go out this week? The notice for the church bulletin? Don’t you have to finish the renewal letters for the advertisers who sponsor the booster club? Aren’t these supposed to be out Wednesday? Weren’t you working on that reply to PJ O’Rourke in your head yesterday? Shouldn’t you get that on paper right now? Didn’t you tell yourself you’d practice the Read the rest of this entry

Wrestling with Time

I am currently up-to-my-ears in writing work with what little time I have whirling at the opening of the drain.

I am not only writing courses, syllabi, and materials, AND updating my teaching portfolio for review this semester, but also starting a couple of other blogs, AND migrating two years of content from my old blog into this blogger interface.

I no more than get started on one thing and am called away for something else. My mind is, not unlike a computer, shifting and reprioritizing my daily tasks as they come in. Unlike a computer, I am the task-doer and have to actually get all these reordered tasks accomplished…soon!

I did manage to edit, upload, and order photographs snapped in the month of July. I really want to catch up on this…only five months worth to go!