“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”
Abraham Lincoln

You can say a lot of things about President Obama, but you can never accuse him of slacking in his momentum to get things done. It helps that he has an army of supporters in Congress–there is strength in numbers.

This makes me nervous. The current legislative branch has a lot more power than I am comfortable with. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have been privy to enough government corruption in times when the ideologies in Washington DC, were much more balanced.

If Obama’s Cap and Trade steamrolls through Congress, we will see higher energy costs, which will send what remains of our suffering manufacturing sector overseas. I keep hearing that these jobs will be replaced with green jobs, jobs which will produce the cheaper energy. Just because we use the solar energy doesn’t mean that it will be cheaper for solar-panel producers to make them stateside. They will suffer from higher costs, too…and will likely move their operations to cost-effective climes.

If the Kennedy- Dodd Health-Care Reform bill passes (and the president wants some major progress by August), we will eventually see an entire private industry eliminated and replaced by the low efficiency of the government sector. I know, I know, according to the plan, we can keep our current insurance and doctors. Sounds great on paper. But I doubt any employers are going to continue administrating health care plans when the government will do it. This will spell the end of the health insurance industry, and put some more folks out of work. I don’t need to make all of the arguments that already exist about quality of care, waiting periods, etc….

I do need to get to my point: those of us who might agree that we could do more to produce and rely upon alternative energy and those of us who might agree that we could and should make some changes to the current health care situation, BUT disagree that that the government-administrator route is the answer, need to do something, lest we commit the very sin of silence Lincoln referred to in the quote above. But what?

ONE: Read the legislation posed by Kennedy-Dodd and Sen John McCain’s counter “offer.” You can access all legislation at Govtrack (Click here to reach the search page).
If the bills are too much to grasp–and they are difficult reading–read the synopses that summarize the material. These are located in the navigation box on each bill’s main page.

This goes for all of you–those who side with and against me. I have little tolerance for those who oppose me who tell me things like “the majority of Americans do not have health care!!!!!!” and “people are dying because they don’t have access to health care!” Yet, they don’t even know what is in the bill, nor do they have ACCURATE statistics. Those who are on board with Kennedy and Dodd will be surprised to see just who this health reform helps (hint: People making more than $33,000 per year…not the poor who will continue to be covered by Medicaid and Medicare that will undergo reforms at a later date).

Thomas Jefferson said, “Knowledge is the currency of democracy.” We have evolved into a people that believes government knows best, and a people who would rather learn every detail about Michael Jackson’s rise and fall than the text of a bill before Congress that affects our livelihood and puts our country in increasingly precarious financial straits.

TWO: Pick up the phone and call Senators and tell them that you agree or disagree with Cap and Trade and health Care reform. Tell them if you are happy having the government’s checkbook trillions of dollars in the red.

Court the Moderate senators. I am spending the next couple of days on the phone doing just this. Below is the list of Moderate senators who could go either way on Cap and Trade and Health-Care Reform. I plan to tell them I disagree with both plans, and the out-of-control spending, and I plan to urge them to vote against both bills, and go back to the drawing board.

Evan Bayh, Indiana(202) 224-5623
Kent Conrad, North Dakota(202) 224-2043
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana(202) 224-5824
Joe Lieberman, Connecticut (Independent, but caucuses as a Democrat)(202) 224-4041
Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas(202) 224-4843
Ben Nelson, Nebraska(202) 224-6551
Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania(202) 224-4254
Mark Warner, Virginia(202) 224-2023
Jim Webb, Virginia(202) 224-4024

Susan Collins, Maine(202) 224-2523
Olympia Snowe, Maine(202) 224-5344
George Voinovich, Ohio(202) 224-3353